Name Position Email Web Page
Seif Haridi Full Professor     email         email
Vladimir Vlassov Associate professor     email         email
Jim Dowling Associate professor     email         email
Šarūnas Girdzijauskas Assistant Professor     email         email
Ahmad Al-Shishtawy Senior Researcher, PhD     email         email
Fatemeh Rahimian Senior Researcher, PhD     email         email
Amir H. Payberah Senior Researcher, PhD     email         email
Gautier Berthou Senior Researcher, PhD     email         email
John Ardelius Senior Researcher, PhD     email         email
Niklas Ekström PhD Student     email         email
Paris Carbone PhD Student     email         email
Vasiliki Kalavri PhD Student     email         email
Ying Liu PhD Student     email         email
Alex Ormenisan PhD Student     email         email
Lars Kroll PhD Student     email         email
Kamal Hakimzadeh PhD Student     email         email
Hooman Peiro PhD Student     email         email
Salman Niazi PhD Student     email         email
Mahmoud Ahmed PhD Student     email         email
Anis Nasir PhD Student     email         email
Amira Soliman PhD Student     email         email
Kambiz Ghoorchian PhD Student     email         email
Jingna Zeng PhD Student     email         email
Muhammad Anis Uddin Nasir PhD Student     email         email
Steffen Grosschmiedt Researcher, MSc     email         email
Martin Neumann Researcher, MSc     email         email
Stig Viaene Researcher, MSc     email         email

Former Members

Name Position Email Web Page
Ali Ghodsi Head of Engineering at Databricks     email         email
Tallat M. Shafaat Software Engineer at Google     email         email
Cosmin Arad Software Engineer at Google     email         email
Roberto Roverso Head of R&D at Peerialism     email         email
Raul Jimenez Software Engineer at SwarmPlanet     email         email